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REEL GAY and REEL HOLLYWOOD, entertainment newsreels that we distribute to clubs throughout the world, with a particular concentration in North America. REEL GAY is shown from Alaska to Key West and Montreal to Guadalajara to Buenos Aires. Our expansion beyond the Americas includes outlets in Florence, Turin, Rome, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dueseldorf, Dublin and Sydney. We have affiliates in all 50 states, and a total number that exceeds 900, and growing every day. We estimate a viewing audience for our shows at 2-3 million.

REEL GAY is a visually exciting window into the world of circuit parties, pride celebrations, athletic competitions, fashion shows, award shows, in-store events, book signings, concerts, politcal events and everything else that touches the gay community. REEL HOLLYWOOD is our "red carpet" report on the entertainment industry as it emanates out of Los Angeles and Hollywood, including coverage of movie premieres, film festivals, celebrity benefits, exclusive interviews and the rest of the entertainment world. REEL HOLLYWOOD is included as a feature in each volume of REEL GAY.

Our product is the original gay television, reaching the hard to reach audience of 18-49 year olds who don't watch television, and we have been "broadcasting" since 1995. It is a unique opportunity for you to reach a gay and lesbian audience with a range of devices from traditional television advertising, to something that looks more like content than an advertisement. We can customize product placement, coordinate interactive marketing campaigns integrated with website promotions or organize event type launches similar to "must see" TV on the networks.

The beauty of advertising on REEL GAY is that we have flexibility you can't get with regular television advertising. We are not hindered by time constraints or standard formats. And you can reach a targeted, brand conscious, upscale audience with your message, without compromising whatever other audience development you may want to pursue in mainstream media. Or you can build your brand exclusively with the gay community. In any event, it is an advertising opportunity at an incredible value that you just can't pass up.


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