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Clinic on how to manage the un
Posted August 9, 2010 by Geoffreyly

The Dartmoor-based Natural Equestrian Centre is holding a course on Managing the Unshod Riding Cheap gucci shoes Horse on July 24 at a cost of Pounds 45. The event will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of keeping a horse shoeless and how to ensure long-term soundness without shoes. The course will not teach trimming but will focus on enhancing your knowledge of shoeless equine hoofcare.

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To find out more visit or call Ruth Levy-So on 01364 642098.

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Climate change on a shoe strin
Posted August 9, 2010 by Geoffreyly

AUSTRALIAN homeowners have been urged to take grassroots action in their homes through a "Climate Change on a Shoe String" programme to complement current environmental schemes aimed at improving sustainability in dwellings.

Archicentre, the building advisory service of the Australian Institute of Architects, and Australia's largest supplier of pre- purchase housing inspections and renovations, Air classic bw said the programme is a simple combination of management and basic upgrading of fittings, many being low cost.

Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales state manager of Archicentre, Angus Kell, said managing Air classic bw and maintaining small fittings around the home such as dripping taps, installing water efficient shower heads and turning off lights and electrical equipment such as televisions and computers when not in use, are all part of the simple plan.

He said most homes were neither designed nor built with much regard for energy efficiency or water conservation.

"Ironically, many of our earliest homes came complete with verandahs and water tanks but these features were abandoned over the past two decades as homes became bigger, more energy-hungry and more water-thirsty.

"The Climate Change on a Shoe String concept will be driven home by the rapidly rising prices in energy and water which are set to increase by 70 to 100 per cent in the next three to five years as governments pay for expensive new infrastructure to secure water and energy supplies."

Kell said the challenge for Australian families is to improve the performance of their homes to reduce the demand for energy and water while maintaining the quality of life.

"It is also important that owners ensure home improvements or renovations are sustainably designed by someone qualified and experienced to maximise the potential," he said, adding that many people are concerned about the environment and willing to spend money on energy- or water-saving improvements but are often looking for a starting point.

According to Kell, the first step is simple: Conduct an audit of your home to find out where and how energy is wasted.

The website is a good starting point to find information. If there are children in the home, involve them in developing the audit list as they will also play a part in the implementation.

The second step is to implement as many changes as you can by:

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* choosing energy efficient appliances

* fixing leaky taps, showers and toilet cisterns

* turning lights off when you leave the room

* not leaving computers or appliances on standby

* resetting the thermostats on your heating and cooling appliances

* installing low-energy light bulbs

* installing external blinds

* putting in a ceiling fan

* changing to low-flow shower heads

* planting a drought-tolerant garden

If you run a home office, use natural light by placing your desk near a window or put in a skylight, and turn your equipment off when not in use.

Archicentre ()'s Malaysian counterpart is Architect Centre Sdn Bhd () and can be reached at 03-2Replica Watches
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Welcome figures on police inju
Posted August 6, 2010 by Geoffreyly

THE figures on the number of policemen and women injured on duty reminds us of the commitment of local officers.

During 2009, 381 officers were hurt, including 124 in assaults. Most of us go to work and can be fairly certain we will come home unharmed.

But police officers can suffer serious injury in the line of duty. For this, they deserve to be admired and thanked. The good news is the number of injuries has fallen this year compared to last by a significant amount.

The figures are not easily explained.

A simple and encouraging reduction, however, is in the number of traffic collisions.

We want the police to arrive at incidents quickly, but they must do so safely.

In addition, the number of officers hurt in other accidents has almost halved.

All organisations, especially where the job is of a manual nature, have to work hard Coach handbags to protect the health and safety of staff.

Often, it comes down to good management and systems Coach handbags so that workers are properly trained for the tasks they have Coach handbags to undertake.

It would appear Notts Police may have made progress on this front too. Finally, the number of assaults has fallen from 227 last year to 124 this year. This is particularly heartening.

Police officers believe it is because more of them now carry Tasers and would-be assailants are deterred from attacking them. This may be part of the explanation although more research is needed to draw firm conclusions.

Even so, there are now calls for more officers to carry Tasers. If they help keep policemen and women safe that is good.

However, it is important Tasers remain a deterrent and are not used with any regularity on the public.

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Welcome to married life ..Mr P
Posted August 6, 2010 by Geoffreyly

JUST days after tying the knot, Alex Reid is discovering the realities of his new life as Mr Katie Price.

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Humping heavy shopping bags across town or slumped in a chair as his new wife tries on yet another pair of shoes, the cagefighter looks tired and not a little bored.

Katie, 31, was firmly in the driving seat as she went on a luxury spending spree in Las Vegas, shopping until Alex dropped.

The couple wed during a quickie ceremony last week, but there's been no honeymoon for the Celebrity Big Brother winner. After their whirlwind US break, the couple were rushed through a side exit at Heathrow yesterday to avoid a media scrum.

There was no rest for Alex, 34, though. He was due to fly on to India to film a new TV show - and the show's producers have banned his new wife from joining him.

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Reid will fly back on Valentine's Day after being taught traditional Indian fighting skills.

But if Alex does his fighting in a cage, Katie's ex-husband, Peter Andre, is set to take HIS fight to the courts, by stopping Katie's new husband from appearing with their two children in any lucrative photoshoots.

The Irish Sunday Mirror can reveal the singer has been left tearful and unable to sleep by Katie and Alex's shock wedding which he blasted as "tasteless".

Peter, 36, has asked his lawyers to find a way to ban Alex from profiting from four-year-old Junior and Princess, two. He wants to prevent them appearing with him in any fly-on-the-wall documentaries or set-up pictures.

A friend of the singer said: "Pete has been on the phone to his lawyers trying to sort this out.

"He is furious at any suggestion Alex might play more of a role in the children's lives.

"His worst nightmare would be turning on the TV and having to rolex watches for watch Alex playing with his kids."

Katie has already had Peter banned from using her son Harvey from appearing in any of Peter's fly-on-the-wall programmes.

Meanwhile, Peter has been getting the rest of his life in order and was at Manchester's Trafford Centre yesterday to publicise his own brand of perfume.

The singer had girls weeping with joy as he signed bottles of his new fragrance, Unconditional - but he made sure had taped over a tattoo of the word "Katie" on his ring finger.

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Just booty-ful
Posted August 5, 2010 by Geoffreyly

If I was a bloke, I'd be beating the door down to get my hands on some of the luscious boots cheap watches appearing in the men's shoe sections this season. Boots like the Guess Mackenzie, a smooth and stylish addition to the morass of trainers in the bottom of Everyman's wardrobe. With metal button accents, stitched overlays, a narrow toe and slim heel to keep the look super current, the leather pull-on McK is versatile with a capital cheap watches V. RRP$339, Guess Stockists 0800 289 928.

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