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HONG KONG – A leading virus expert urged health authorities around the world Sunday to stay vigilant even though the recent swine flu pandemic was less deadly than expected, warning that bird flu could spark the next global outbreak.

A World Health Organization official also defended the U.N.'s health body against accusations that it wasted governments' money and enriched pharmaceutical companies with its strong warnings during the swine flu outbreak's early days last year.

WHO declared the swine flu pandemic over last month. The latest death toll is just over 18,600 — far below the millions that were once predicted. The head of the global health body has credited good preparation and luck, since the H1N1 swine flu virus didn't mutate as some had feared.

But speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an influenza angel dvd conference in Hong Kong, researcher Robert Webster warned against complacency.

"We may think we can relax and influenza is no longer a problem. I want to BTP-C8K8 Battery assure you that that is not the case," said Webster, chairman of the virology and molecular biology department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

Webster predicted that the next pandemic could be sparked by a virus that spreads from water fowl to pigs and Dell Inspiron 9300 battery then onto humans — such as the H5N1 strain of bird flu, which has killed 300 people over the past seven years. He noted that after several years of decline, the number of bird flu cases in humans increased in 2009, lifted by an uptick of cases in Egypt.

"H5N1 can kill 61 percent of humans infected, but it doesn't know how to spread from human to human. But don't trust sex and the city dvd it because it could acquire that capacity. So we must stay vigilant," he said.

Sylvie Briand, head of WHO's global influenza program, said its surveillance has shown that the bird flu strain isn't capable Dell Inspiron 9400 battery now of jumping between humans except in rare cases of close personal contact, but echoing Webster, warned: "These are viruses that are evolving. They are changing all the time."

Both experts said it was difficult to predict when — or if — bird flu might set off a new pandemic.

"We don't understand enough about the virus to make predictions," Webster said.

University of Hong Kong microbiologist Malik Peiris said scientists are closely monitoring mutations by BTP-C5K8 Battery influenza viruses — including bird flu viruses — but it's hard to determine which mutations are most likely to spread among humans.

Briand also defended WHO against accusations that it hyped the swine flu pandemic, saying it was acting with limited information when the virus first surfaced and adjusted its response when it became clear the outbreak wasn't as serious as expected.

WHO received at least $170 million from mmonk dvd clint eastwood dvd ember states to deal with the outbreak, some of which was invested family guy dvd in immunization programs long after the virus strain was known to provoke only mild illness in most of those infected. Governments spent many times that amount buying vaccines and antiviral medicines that are now being junked.

European legislators have repeatedly accused WHO of overstating the danger of swine flu and playing into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, which has earned millions from the outbreak since it began in April 2009.

"We prepared for the worst and hoped for the michael jackson dvd sons of anarchy dvd star wars dvd p90x p90x best. And as the information became available, there was adaptation of the plan and adaptation of the recommendations in order to really tailor the response to the reality," Briand said. "But it took some time."

On Massachusetts' Cape Cod, ferries to and from Nantucket were suspended at noon, lecriminal minds dvd g some vacationers stranded on the mainland. On the island, a steady line of pickup trucks towed boats to safe storage until the storm passed, assistant town manager Gregg Tivnan said.

In Atlantic City, Bob Quinn of p90x p90x p90x Rochester, N.Y., was planning to leave ahead of the storm Friday.

"We were going to be leaving Friday by noon, so we figured we would probably catch the good weather and get out of here just before the bad stuff came in," Quinn said.

One man drowned in rough surf in New Jersey on Tuesday and another was missing after going into the ocean Thursday night, state officials said.
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Ellen McDonough of Boston and a friend were waiting in Hyannis on Friday morning for one of the last ferries to Nantucket. The two had long planned a Labor Day weekend getaway to the island.

"It's not a 3-foot snowstorm. I think us New Englanders are tough," McDonough said. "We've had this weekend planned, and no hurricane is going to stop us."

The National Weather Service was forecasti the beatles dvd ng winds up to 65 mph on Nantucket, with gusts up to 85 mph. Earl packed winds that had reached 145 mph before losing strength.

In North Carolina, portions of Highway 12, the main artery through the Outer Banks, were closed because of tidal flooding. Officials said the road to and from Hatteras Island — home to seven villages — would stay closed through Friday.

The highway is critical should residents and tourists who obeyed evacuation orthe beatles dvd ders try to return soon. Several counties had asked people to leave risky areas, including Ocracoke and Hatteras islands.

On Ocracoke, Highway 12 was p90x p90x turbo fire grey's anatomy dvd open to 4-wheel-drive traffic early Friday, Hyde County spokeswoman Jamie Tunnell said. Officials hoped to open the road to all vehicles by the end of the day.

Farther north, Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri urged drivers to stay off Interstate 95, which was expected to flood Friday evening.

In Maine, two cruise ships, including the Explorer of the Seas with about 3,000 passengers, sought the safety of Portland Harbor to ride out the storm. Hundreds of smaller boats were pulled from the water up and down the coast.
WASHINGTON – John Boehner could walk down most American streets without turning a head.

But the perpetually tanned, chain-smoking Ohioan might be the next House speaker and a huge force in national politics, trying to manage an increasingly libertarian-leaning Republican caucus while leading the opposition to President Barack Obama's policies.

For those who know Boehner (pronounced BAY'-nur), the question is which version of the House Republican leader will emerge as speaker if the GOP takes at least 40 seats from Democrats in November.

Will it be the policy-minded lawmaker who sometimes shows bipartisan tendencies, such as when he worked with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., on major education bills?

Or will it be the fiery partisan of recent months who G5260 shouted "hell no" to Obama's health care bill and who threw the Democrats' massive economic stimulus bill to the House floor in a theatrical rebuke?

Boehner left little doubt that the president and other Democrats will face fierce resistance HSTNN-IB68 Battery in the House if he is speaker, starting with a push to dismantle Obama's hard-fought health care law.

"We're going to do everything we can to prevent this law from being implemented, and I mean everything," Boehner said in a recent interview. "I think it will ruin health care and bankrupt the country."

In truth, Obama's veto powers will make it virtually impossible to repeal the law. Still, Boehner the closer dvd said, he would use every parliamentary and appropriations trick available, including making sure "they don't get the funds to hire employees to implement the law."

Boehner, 60, has been raising his profile in recent days, giving well-publicized speeches in Dell Inspiron 1100 battery Cleveland and Milwaukee criticizing Obama's economic and military policies.

Still, he knows he won't become a household name overnight. His ramped-up schedule is mainly leave it to beaver dvd a signal to GOP colleagues and political insiders that he's ready to assume leadership of the House — and in some respects, the entire party — if voters end four years of Democratic House control and Rep. Nancy Pelosi's speakership.

For Boehner, leading a full-throated Republican opposition to Obama and congressional Democrats TF83700068D Battery might be the easy part. His bigger challenge looms on his right. Restless and uncompromisingly conservative Republicans probably will expand their ranks after tea party loyalists win some races Nov. 2.

Boehner already has a somewhat wary alliance with several younger and more dogmatic Dell Inspiron 1300 battery GOP members. They include Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the party's second-ranking House leader.

Cantor and two colleagues — Reps. Kevin McCarthy of California and Paul Ryan of Wisconsin — are publishing a Republican manifesto, "Young Guns: A New LO8321L7 Battery Generation of Conservative Leaders," which is promoted by a flashy video.

There's one glaring omission in the hoopla over the book: any reference to Boehner.

Republicans say there's little chance of a coup attempt if the GOP takes control of the House. But max headroom dvd expectations have soared so high that every leadership post, including Cantor's, could be in play if they fall short.

House members elect their respective party leaders. The majority party's top leader becomes the speaker, who wields enormous Dell Inspiron 1501 battery influence over legislation and follows the vice president in the line of presidential succession.

Boehner scoffs at suggestions that the "young guns" might undermine his leadership.

"They are some of our brightest, most energetic members," he said in a telephone interview between L08C3B21 Battery campaign stops for House candidates in the Dakotas. He praised, without fully endorsing, Ryan's much-debated proposals to replace the corporate income tax with a consumption tax and to transform Medicare over time into a voucher program that wouldn't keep pace with rising health care costs.

Ryan's road map "is very good work," Boehner said. He 30 rock dvd added that he doesn't agree with everything Ryan proposes.

Republican strategist and lobbyist John Feehery, who worked for former Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said Boehner will have to cope with "a bunch Dell Inspiron 1520 battery of rambunctious new members." He predicts partisan gridlock, but he said Boehner can effectively lead his party and its young cadre of firebreathers.

"He provides adult leadership," Feehery said.

On the surface, Boehner is a Washington throwback. He loves golf and cocktails. He is genial and 51J0399 Battery courteous to almost everyone, including reporters and Democratic staffers. He constantly smokes Barclay cigarettes, even during meetings in his Capitol office. And he maintains a remarkably deep tan, which Obama and others have gently mocked.

The second of 12 children in a Catholic family from Cincinnati, Boehner played high school football and helped at his father's bar curb your enthusiasm dvd and restaurant. He worked his way through college, sometimes as a janitor, graduating from Xavier University at age 27. He rose to the top of a plastics distribution company, and entered Republican politics in his hometown.

While clearly a conservative, Boehner has sometimes worked with Democrats to enact major legislation. Notable examples Dell Inspiron 1521 battery include his 2001 collaboration with Kennedy and Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., now a top Pelosi ally, to pass President George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind education bill.

In 2008, Boehner was embarrassed when he failed to corral enough south park dvd GOP votes to help the Democratic majority pass an early version of the financial bailout bill. The Dow plunged 780 points that day.

The often-emotional GOP leader seemed to choke back tears disney dvd when he asked colleagues to search their souls for the nation's best interests.

The episode might suggest that Boehner is a bit less rigidly partisan thanDell Inspiron 1525 battery some of his fellow GOP leaders. Most House Republicans opposed the bailout bill that he backed.

Hastert, as speaker, had a "majority of the majority" rule. He would not push major legislation Dell Inspiron 1526 battery unless most of his GOP caucus supported it, rendering the Democratic minority almost superfluous.

Boehner says he would want to "make sure our team is supportive" of big bills, but Dell Latitude D800 battery Dell Latitude D820 battery Dell Latitude D830 battery Dell Inspiron E1405 battery Dell Inspiron E1505 battery Dell Inspiron E1705 battery42T4587 Battery he stopped short of embracing Hastert's rule. "All members should have a role in the legislative process," Boehner said.

Even a whiff of bipartisan cooperation angers some tea party supporters, and Boehner might 42T4589 Battery clash with the newest and most ideological House Republicans. But in other respects, they might be kindred souls.

Boehner entered the House in 1991 as a windows-rattling reformer. He joined zumba the "Gang of Seven" that insisted on naming all 355 members with overdrafts at the House Bank, a damaging scandal.

And he has long opposed earmark spending, which some lawmakers use to steer pet projects to their districts. It's a favorite conservative target this year.

Boehner was a key ally of Rep. Newt Gingrich when the firebrand Dell Inspiron 1720 battery Georgia lawmaker led the 1994 Republican revolution that ended four decades of Democratic House control. But Boehner lost his leadership post in the turmoil that followed the speaker's downfall in 1998. Boehner spent years quietly cultivating friendships with colleagues and planning his return to power, which came in 2005.

Now possibly on the cusp of nationwide recognition and clout, Boehner is a solid choice for 42T4591 Battery a Republican Party that must harness and direct its emotions if it is to regain the ground it lost in the last two elections, said Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga.

Kingston, an 18-year House veteran who has had his own turns in the GOP leadership, said Boehner "is a known quantity. He's not going to be saying anything stupid or doing anything stupid."

Boehner may lack Gingrich's revolutionary zeal and intellectual bent, Kingston said, but he has a steadier grasp of intramural politics.

"He'd be better able to manage that new, hard-energy reform crowd than Newt," Kingston said, adding that the House "is a political body, not an ideological body."
Whenever companies start hiring freely again, job-seekers with specialized skills and education will have plenty of good opportunities. Others will face a choice: Take a job with low pay — or none at all.

Job creation will likely remain weak for months or even years. But once employers do step up hiring, some economists expect job openings to fall mainly into two categories of roughly equal numbers:

• Professional fields with higher pay. Think lawyers, research scientists and software engineers.

• Lower-skill and lower-paying jobs, like home health care aides and store clerks.

And those in between? Their outlook is bleaker. Economists foresee fewer moderately paid factory supervisors, postal workers and office administrators.

That's the sobering message American workers face as they celebrate Labor Day at a 75UYF time of high unemployment, scant hiring and a widespread loss of job

security. Not until 2014 or later is the nation expected to have regained all, or nearly all, the 8.4 million jobs lost to the recession. Millions of lost jobs in real estate, for example, aren't likely to be restored this decade, if ever.

On Friday, the government said the August unemployment rate 7FJ92 Battery ticked up to 9.6 percent. Not enough jobs were created to absorb the

growing number of people seeking work. The unemployment rate has exceeded 9 percent for 16 months, the longest such stretch in nearly 30 years.

The crisis poses a threat to President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress, whose hold on star trek voyager dvd the House and Senate appears to be at increasing risk because of voter


Even when the job market picks up, many people will be left behind. The threat stems, in part, from the economy's continuing shift from one driven by manufacturing to one fueled by service industries.

Pay for future service-sector jobs will tend to vary from very high to very low. At the same time, the number of 04D3C Battery middle-income service-

sector jobs will shrink, according to government projections. Any job that can be automated or outsourced overseas is likely to continue to decline.

The service sector's growth could also magnify the nation's income inequality, with more people either affluent or financially squeezed. The nation csi dvd isn't educating enough people for the higher-skilled

service-sector jobs of the future, economists warn.

"There will be jobs," says Lawrence Katz, a Harvard economist. "The big question is what they are 8N544 going to pay, and what kind of lives they will allow

people to lead? This will be a big issue for how broad a middle class we are going to have."

On one point there's broad agreement: Of 8 million-plus jobs lost to the recession — in fields like manufacturing, real estate and financial services — many, perhaps most, aren't coming back.

In their place will be jobs in health care, information technology and statistical analysis. Some of the 4JK6R Battery new positions will require complex skills

or higher education. Others won't — but they won't pay very much, either.

"Our occupational structure is really becoming bifurcated," says Richard Florida, a dexter dvd professor at University of Toronto. "We're becoming more of a divided nation by the work we do."

By 2018, the government forecasts a net total of 15.3 million new jobs. If that proves true, unemployment would drop far closer to a historical norm of 5 percent.

Nearly all the new jobs will be in the service sector, the Labor Department says. The nation's 78 million C1295 baby boomers will need more health care services as they

age, for example. Demand for medical jobs will rise. And innovations in high technology and alternative energy are likely to spur growth in occupations that don't yet exist.

Hiring can't come fast enough for the 14.9 million unemployed Americans. Counting part-time employees who would prefer full-time jobs, plus out-of-work people who have stopped looking for jobs, the number of "underemployed" is 26.2 million.

Manufacturing has shed 2 million jobs since the recession began. Construction has lost 1.9 million, financial services 651,000.

But the biggest factor has been the bust in real estate. The vanished jobs range from 312-0997 Battery construction workers and furniture makers to

loan officers, appraisers and material suppliers. Moody's Analytics estimates the total number of housing-related jobs lost at 2.4 million. When you include commercial real estate, the number is far higher.

One of them is Martha Escobar, who last month lost her $13.50-an-hour job cleaning an office tower owned by JPMorgan Chase & Co. in dexter Century City, Calif. She was one of 16 janitors, mostly

single mothers, who lost jobs as part of the real estate crunch that's squeezed landlords.

Some of them traveled to New York on Thursday to try to pressure JPMorgan to get its cleaning NF343 contractor to take them back, given that the bank earned

$8.1 billion during the first half of this year.

"I don't know what I am going to do if I can't get my job back," Escobar, 41, said.

JPMorgan Chase spokesman Gary Kishner said the bank has no say over the layoffs, which he said are handled by the building's cleaning contractor.

On top of real estate-related job losses, manufacturing is likely to keep shedding jobs, sending 916c4230f Battery lower-skilled work overseas.

Millions who worked in those fields will need to find jobs in higher-skilled or lower-paying occupations.

"The big fear is the country is simply not preparing workers for the kind of skills that the country is going to need," says Gautam Godhwani, CEO of, which tracks job listings.

Sectors likely to grow fastest, according mad men dvd to economists and government projections, are:


The sector is expected to be the leading job generator, adding 4 million by 2018, according true blood dvd to Labor Department data. An aging population requires more doctors and nurses, physical

therapists, home health aides and pharmacists.

Many of these jobs will pay well. Physical therapists averaged about $76,000 last year, according to the department's data. Others pay far less. Home health care aides earned an average of just $21,600.

Home health care and personal care aides are expected to SQU-528 Battery add about 900,000 jobs by 2018 — 50 percent more than in 2008.

Jennifer Gamboa of Body Dynamics Inc., an Arlington, Va.-based physical therapy firm, says the drive to reduce health care costs should benefit her profession, which can treat pain less expensively than surgery. Gamboa plans to add two employees in the

next year.

• INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: Technology could be an economic elixir as computers and D5318 online networks expand ways to automate services, distribute media

and communicate.

Companies will need people to build and secure those networks. That should boost the number of programmers, network administrators and security specialists by 45 percent to 2.1 million by 2018, the government forecasts. Most of these jobs will provide

above-average pay.

Technology pay averaged $84,400 in 2008 — nearly double the average private-sector pay of SQU-503 Battery $45,400, according to an analysis of

the most recent full-year data by the TechAmerica Foundation, a research group.

• NEW INDUSTRIES: Deepak Advani, an IBM executive, has a title he miami vice dvd says didn't exist five years ago: "Vice president of predictive analytics."

Companies and government agencies have amassed data on behavior ranging from shopping habits to criminal activity. Predictive miami vice dvd analytics is the art of determining what to do with that

data. How should workers' time be deployed? How best to target customers? Such jobs could grow 20 percent by 2018, the government predicts.

Still, economists say more will be needed to boost job growth. The answer may be some technological breakthrough akin to the personal computer or the Internet.

"Most big booms come from a particular sector that moves the U4873 rest of the economy," said Richard Freeman, a Harvard labor economist.

Technology spurred job growth after the 1982 and 1991 recessions. The PC became revolutionary in the early 1980s. Internet use exploded after the Mosaic Web advent 7093 battery browser was introduced in 1994. Housing eventually lifted employment after the 2001 dot-com bust.

"There's a lack of clarity on what the next big thing is going to be this time," said David Card, an economics professor at the University of California.

Until there is, many people will have to lower expectations and living standards as they enter fields with less pay and less job stability, said Dan Finnigan, CEO of online employment service Jobvite.

"People who are unemployed have to embrace this future that they are going to have many jobs," he said. "We will always be working on the next gig."
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