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Posted March 25, 2011 by chunyingwang in Technology
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Congratulation on your new expansion, Demon Rising! Before we start the interview, for players who are not familiar with Eudemons, can you give a brief introduction of your game and the new expansion?
Thank you very much. Eudemons Online Gold is a 2.5D PvP fantasy MMO developed by TQ Digital. Since its launch in 2006, it has been doing well in both the domestic and international markets. Currently we have published 5 language versions for this game. In 2009, Eudemons Online has received 2 major updates, The Divine Path and Demon Rising.

Demon Rising is the 5th expansion and our best one yet. It has opened a new era for this game. The TQ team has spent more than a year working on this expansion. It is a story about corruption and the grey areas of morality. If you look into the background story, you will find that most of the Bosses leading the Demons Eudemons Points fought on the human side during the last Demon War. The story is related to the previous expansion, the Divine Path, as it is about what happened in Cronus after the triumph of the first Demon war. You can call it an extension, in which, the good fall and the evil rise. The attractive point is, this time we are facing enemies of our own making. Demon Rising is supposed to provide a deeper, more polished,Eudemons Online Gold and engaging gaming experience for our players.

Great! So, how was this conception inspired in the first place? What kind of work was involved in the development?

The company is pretty clear that the game can only grow and thrive through bringing new elements in game. We always stay connected with our players, listening carefully to their thoughts. We have a very active and engaged community playing this game right now. They came up lots of brilliant ideas which later turned into Eudemons Points the foundation on which we built this new expansion.

After the Divine Path was released, we started the project of Demon Rising. How should the story develop? What kinds of additions should be brought in game…things like that…In the end, we came up with the idea of corruption, the good fall and the evil rise.

What’s the major addition of Demon Rising?

Players will be going through a legendary quest line in this new expansion. There are 5 independent quests, along with some other sub-quests. Moreover, different kinds of dangers,Eudemons Online Gold and traps will beset the adventurers along the way. Only by defeating the other 4 demon leaders will the players gain the key and other powers indispensable to defeating Avenging Alamut, the final and most challenging leader of the demonic horde. The last quest is ranked a 9-star difficulty quest.
In HOTK, Before setting out on your adventures through the chaotic times in ancient China, you must first establish your character-choosing a name, background, and weapon specialization.

First, you must choose a name, as well as the desired gender for your character.

Now that you have dubbed your character, you must now choose one of the over 60 Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold to indicate where your character originatedNext, select one of the 18 weapon types available to specialize your character in that form of combat. Your weapon determines what weapons you are able to equip, as well as your Health and other attributes.

Once you are satisfied with your choice of weapon, to finalize the character creation process, browse through the list of Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold, hair styles, and body shapes.

The Miao people are dwelling in the soughwest region of Yizhou for many generations. Though living in the simple architecture, they have survived due to their profient hunting. They have no good clothing from the finest silk or shiniest jewels. They dress themselves with the hide and fur of animals they kill.Heroes of Three Kingdoms Gold in the game is useful for every players.

They worship the god of fire and structure their lifestyle around tradition. Zhu Rong, it’s only natural that the supposed descendant, Lady Zhurong rule alongside Meng Huo. In their culture, the men are born to be warriors and protect their people during war. The women on the other hand have a much higher population and control order and influence cultural practices.

Get ready to battle countless Yan and engage in epic battles! But first, you have to display your worth of the HOTK Gold. Chuannan serves as a proving ground to new warriors so it’s here that your wits and might will be tested!

The Miao race is a new introduced playable race to Heroes of Three Kingdoms. Where will you go when the Miao invade? Will you stand by the Yan or become barbarian? It’s your choice. But what you have chosen will change your lifestyle in the game. In order to stand out in the war time, you must have manyHOTK Gold to arm yourself with fine items.
New Race & Classes
Posted January 9, 2011 by Cheryl in Technology
The Perfect World International blog here at has been updated with new information about the upcoming Genesis expansion. The blog features a look at the new Earthguard race and the two new classes, Seeker and Mystic. Be sure to swing by the PWI blog to check it out!

“There will be a time when the beautiful world will cease to exist as we know it today. The land of Perfect World will suffer destruction the likes of which has never been seen. The world will be torn apart, leaving massive crevasses across its surface. The oceans will rage with turmoil and the tides will swallow everything in their path. The races of the world, thrown into chaos, will not understand what is happening to their beautiful world.”

Perfect World International is celebrating its second anniversary and players have the opportunity to score some special gear. The new anniversary wear and more will be given to players free of charge. Two year players will receive Perfect World Goldan extra set of clothing and one year players will receive an anniversary mount.

"Even though we have reached the two year benchmark, we are still committed to providing players a high quality free to play game with much more content on the way," said Clifton Chu, Product Manager for Perfect World Gold. "We are proud to be able to respond to our players’ wants and successfully launch these expansions in a relatively short period of time. Our players make Perfect World International what it is today and to kick-off this celebration, we plan to reward every player regardless of membership length. Our hope is that players will continue with us in the adventure of creating a perfect world."

Perfect World Entertainment has announced the launch of a new west coast server for their popular free-to-play MMORPG Perfect World International. The new server, "Archosaur," is Perfect World International’s seventh server.

Archosaur is a PvE server, and according to Perfect World Entertainment should serve as a great clean-slate server for players who just picked up the game following the launch of the recent "Rising Tide" expansion.

Perfect World International’s Product ManagerPerfect World Gold Jon Belliss took the time to answer questions from our own Jon Wood about the game’s upcoming free expansion, Rising Tide, which will introduce new races and classes to the game. For those who might not be aware, can you tell us a little bit about Perfect World International?

Jon Belliss: Perfect World International is our flagship free-to-play MMO that is an unparalleled fantasy MMORPG. Known for its beautiful graphics and in-depth character customization, PWI runs on our own proprietary Angelica engine, which is designed to scale to any computer system. Because of this, PWI is able to run well on lower spec computers as well as look amazing on higher endPerfect World Moneysystems.

"Rising Tide," the third and largest expansion to Perfect World International is now live!

The expansion adds a new race, the Tideborn, two new classes, the Assassin and Psychic, over 200 new quests, a public quest system, over 100 new monsters, a new "recasting" equipment system, quests for married Perfect World Moneyplayers, a hair/hat fashion slot, and account-wide storage.

A new PvE server, "Raging Tide", has also opened alongside the expansion’s release.
Price index futures contract
Posted October 18, 2010 by evenxu in Technology, Shopping
Also need to point out that the above formula is given under the previous assumptions the theoretical price index futures contract. In real life, we should all meet the above handbags there are certain difficulties.
Because first of all, in real life then construct a smart investor wants the stock market index structure completely consistent with the portfolio is almost impossible, especially when larger when the stock market; Second, the stock in the short term spot trading, transaction costs tend to make larger; Third, there are national differences in market trading mechanisms, such as in China at present does not allow short selling, which to some extent, affect the efficiency of index futures; fourth, dividend yield in the actual market is very difficult, because different companies, different markets in the dividend policy nfl jerseys cheap (such as the timing of payment of dividends, method, etc.) are different, and the stock index of the amount of dividends per share and the time is uncertain, this will inevitably affect the correct determination of the price index futures contract.
From abroad, the practice of stock index futures market, the actual stock index futures prices tend to deviate from the theoretical price. When the actual index futures price is greater than theoretical index futures, nfl jerseys authentic investors can buy shares of stock involved, and to profit from short selling stock index futures; the other hand, investors can reverse the operation and profit-making operation.
This trading strategy known as index arbitrage (IndexArbitrage), However, in mature markets, the actual index futures price and the theoretical futures price deviation, the total is within a certain range. nfl jerseys For example, the U.S. S & P500 index futures prices, usually located above and below the theoretical value within the range of 0.5%, which to a certain extent, to avoid the risk arbitrage situation.
For the average investor, as long as the understanding of stock index futures prices and spot index, risk-free rate, dividend yield, the length of purses prior to maturity. Stock index futures prices were around the spot index price fluctuations, if the risk-free interest rate higher than the dividend yield, the stock index futures prices will be higher than spot prices, but the longer the maturity, stock index futures prices relative to stock a premium range larger; On the contrary, if the risk-free interest rate less than the dividend yield, the stock index futures prices below spot prices, but the longer the maturity, stock index futures and stock index was relatively higher discount rate.