What is retained
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What is retained
Recently, the commercial vehicle industry has launched a new joint venture tide. For many of the new joint venture, Dongfeng trucks on sale successful experience may be worth learning from.
The success of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle can not be separated from the Japanese production and learn, however, the joint venture to success is retained. No Dongfeng brands reservations, no reservations Dongfeng products and technologies, without the reservation of the staff of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, Dongfeng the spirit to retain the Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture success is unthinkable.
As many people feared, the china trucks joint venture that there are two problems. A car joint ventures, these enterprises use foreign brands, weak independent development capabilities; another in commercial enterprises, including joint venture has failed the heavy truck and Volvo, Fujian Automobile and Daimler The joint venture, Yaxing and Mercedes-Benz joint venture, as well as Fast and Eaton's joint venture, the product of a joint venture commercial enterprises tend not to fit the Chinese market, either too expensive or retrofitting and updating is too slow.
Therefore, the industry has such a statement, the majority of joint venture failure of the truck engine business. However, from the Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture in eight years of practice, the Sino-foreign joint venture is more successful. Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, a joint venture success and failure of the joint venture biggest difference in where?
First, Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture is based on the Chinese side is dominant. Regardless of brand or technology, procurement, production and sales to China as the leading foreign capital, management methods.
Familiar with the market and consumer demand due to China, the China-led product development to ensure products meet the consumer demand; In addition, the use of foreign brands and models, can be reduced to pay for expensive technology transfer fee and brand usage fee, dramatically reducing the cost of the product . Moreover, a gradual improvement in China's existing product system can also reduce a new brand to enter the market to pay for expensive promotional expenses.
Therefore, Dongfeng commercial vehicle cummins parts on the one hand learn from Nissan in product development and manufacturing of advanced experience, improved product quality, reduce production costs, while development and production for the Chinese consumer market products, and therefore a success.
In fact, similar to the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle parts for engine China-based Chinese brands and products, foreign joint venture to provide technical and management support, such as the SAIC-GM-Wuling, is also a great success in a similar joint venture mode.
"Dongfeng" brand is still retained in the joint venture, which is a joint venture with all the passenger car business is different. Can be said that Dongfeng commercial vehicle, brand, technology, factories, personnel, channels and other cummins 6bt resources are preserved.
It is retained, absorbed, before the formation of increasingly strong competitiveness of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle.
Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture experience
The Shiyan no airport from Wuhan Airport, Shiyan, almost five hours' drive. The Lujia Bin or inaccessible, and participate in the "Dongfeng - Shiyan new base-cum-commercial trucks for sale factory foundation and Dongfeng commercial vehicle, heavy truck new plant commissioning ceremony of the" time and rushed to the scene.
Guosheng, governor of Hubei Province September 29th at four o'clock am just just finished the 6 o'clock on the drive from Wuhan to Shiyan, on time for the of Shiyan new base foundation stone laying ceremony. Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, from Iran to Dubai just to fly to Beijing, from the aircraft turn and flew to Xi'an and from Xi'an to the car to reach Shiyan, when they arrive on the 29th morning.
How important is this event guests regardless of the journey distant, have to visit the scene, witness?
Unusual investment
Shiyan new industrial park investment, whether it is in Hubei, Shiyan City Dongfeng trucks sale, both with symbolic significance.
September 28, 2003, to move out from Shiyan Dongfeng headquarters in Wuhan Economic Development Zone held a groundbreaking ceremony.
Dongfeng headquarters to move out of Shiyan, had voice questioned, Dongfeng abandoned Shiyan? Shiyan Dongfeng started, numerous older generation of car people to shed blood, Xian Qingchun place, easterly Yan'an, will decline it?
Eight years later, on September 29, 2011, Dongfeng Co., Ltd. in Shiyan, the foundation stone laying ceremony of the new base. In eight years time, Dongfeng successful strategic transformation to become the top of the profitability of the domestic auto industry, the development of sound auto companies. Now to nurture the Shiyan Dongfeng to build the wind "commercial vehicle", started building a new industrial base in Shiyan, Hubei, in order to consolidate the leading position in the first Dongfeng commercial vehicles, and to promote coordinated development of Dongfeng Motor Group as a whole.
Dongfeng new industrial park after the completion of up to 10,000 acres, the new plant up to 2500 acres. Costly new base proved, Shiyan has not been abandoned, Dongfeng Yan'an in the development. As long Guosheng, Hubei Province said in his speech: "East Wind? Shiyan new base-cum-powertrain projects under construction, will further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Dongfeng truck parts to further promote the prosperity and stability of the Dongfeng Shiyan and sustained healthy development of the rapid development of economic and social in Shiyan, Hubei giving new momentum. "
Dongfeng Motor Corporation chairman and party secretary Xu Ping ceremony speech, the Shiyan commercial vehicle base in the Dongfeng development "priority" status: "'during the Dongfeng company will further accelerate the development of Shiyan strategic priority, the priority in the capital investment on the project priorities, priority support resources. "Dongfeng commercial vehicles in the overall layout of Shiyan, Xu Ping, Outlook:" in the level of vehicle technology to further enhance the accelerate the strategic layout of the powertrain and core components, to strengthen the integration of resources, increase investment, construction of new heavy truck factory on behalf of the Lower East Side Industrial Park and the West Side Industrial Park as the representative of the new plant of powertrain form a highly efficient industrial layout. "
Joint venture to enhance what
Eight years ago, Dongfeng and Nissan joint venture, also was suspected, after the joint venture, Dongfeng commercial vehicle cummins for sale will gradually decline, will not be marginalized? Some even questioned the production of commercial vehicles, The Dongfeng Why should commercial vehicles used and Nissan joint venture? Dongfeng commercial vehicle after the joint venture can be promoted?
Eight years later, the commissioning ceremony of the new factory of Dongfeng commercial vehicles and the construction of the new industrial park that Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture grew and grew, and Dongfeng brand is getting stronger; joint venture Dongfeng commercial vehicle really is riding on a joint venture The Dongfeng grow the flower of joint ventures to fruition.
Dongfeng commercial vehicles can at this time, large-scale expansion of Xinjiang expand territories, is the years continue to improve competitive performance. Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture a year later, made in the heavy truck industry sales in the first position in the market. The first eight months of this year, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company, the cummins 4bt sales of Dongfeng brand, nearly 170,000 heavy truck sales continued to maintain in the heavy truck industry first.
Behind the sales, to improve the competitiveness of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle. Joint venture, Dongfeng commercial vehicle product development capabilities and manufacturing level rising, walking in the forefront of the heavy truck industry.
It now appears that the original joint venture, commercial vehicles with the joint venture, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle development is helpful.
To be a saying called: "The third of management, seven. Not only Nissan's commercial vehicle technology (Nissan Diesel), Nissan's product development management, and management experience in the manufacturing process, helping Dongfeng commercial vehicle to enhance the overall level of the enterprise.
Dongfeng commercial vehicle joint venture, in fact, is in a bottleneck in the development of: aging, less competitive, backward management methods. Dongfeng and Nissan joint venture, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Import Nissan R & D management and production management mode. Huang Gang, general manager of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle summed up from Nissan to get upgrade: advanced international management concepts, including the manufacture of QCD system, CFT system in the financial, management, performance management based on the KPI data.
Huang Gang, process reengineering Dongfeng commercial vehicles to respond to market the ability to have a larger increase. There is, the use of international management processes, including the flow of new products, successful implementation of the upgrading of Dongfeng products.
The joint venture Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle cummins generator development Dongfeng heavy truck card platform in the platform and Dongfeng Nissan advanced product development process is applied, the market success in 2010, sales exceeded 100,000. This year, in the face of the adverse situation of the domestic heavy truck industry as a whole fell, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle continuation of last year's strong momentum of development, in particular, Dongfeng heavy truck products, in the first half sales rank first in the industry, began to lead the heavy truck industry. Dragon's success proved that Dongfeng commercial vehicle in the joint venture not only the manufacturing capacity to enhance its product development capabilities development.
collect data on gamemodes game
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edit: the new mob looks like a lion or a tiger. back to top #2 crocodileman94 tree puncher members wow gold 31 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:47 pm i think it looks like a monkey back to top #3 pacmanicus stone miner members 132 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:47 pm looks like a tiger or something back to top #4 thatbloodydog tree puncher members 38 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:49 pm maybe a monkey or a jungle tribe or maybe a mob i have never heard of! back to top #5 pallidsoul stone miner members 85 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:49 pm tiger-creeper. back to top #6 quadet tree puncher members 22 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:49 pm tiger, i think so as well.

back to topcheap wow gold #7 swordmastera stone miner members 76 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:50 pm i think of some kind of cat, perhaps a tiger? back to top #8 mrs_brisby coal miner members 243 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:50 pm oh god, tigers. back to top #9 sparik tree puncher members 26 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:51 pm the new mob looks like a tiger. its skin is orange by the looks of it. back to top #10 devildog812 iron miner members 257 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:52 pm definitely a tiger back to top #11 varulfen lapis lazuli collector members 1194 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:53 pm wild cats! they will look like small, cuddly tigers. back to top #12 worldwarwarrior out of the water members 7 posts posted 25 january 2012 - 07:53 pmminecraft poll - how do you play minecraft?mojang is curious how you're playing minecraft!

they would like to collect data on gamemodes, time played and myriad other details (but nothing personally identifying!) about how players are using the game, and they notchbuy wow gold has put forth the suggestion that the game be able to collect anonymous information during gameplay, so they can get a better idea of how people play minecraft, and adjust the game to cater better to players going forward. this feature is not currently implemented, but mojang would like to, and are asking for your input on the matter. you can help them out by ng rsand-puzzle ng-still-does-added-healing
a day later, and world of warcraft‘s latest announced feature is still being widely discussed. now one of the most commented threads on mmo-champion, the debate regarding the dungeon finder‘s new cross-realm real id grouping functionality rages on.players are taking to all avenues to chat with each other, offering their thoughts on whether or not this should be a premium service -- something requiring an additional fee to utilize. from facebook to twitter to the official forums, no corner of the internet seems untouched by this hot topic.some players are recounting past features developed for world of warcraft?that you‘d think would be considered ‘premium,‘ but were instead added for free. twitter user @suicidalzebra points to patch 2.2, in which blizzard introduced integrated voice chat. but there‘s probably a reason that didn‘t cost extra. i can‘t remember a time when i‘ve personally used it, nor do i recall anyone in my dungeon finder groups doing so.does that make this new real id feature any different? many players are operating under the assumption that this will have a "real impact" on their gameplay. they‘re disappointed that they now have something aside from their monthly subscription to deal with if they want to get the most out of the game.while player feedback may have some impact on the final price, this probably won‘t go away like real id names on the forums did. slorkuz wrote that this has been a complex feature for blizzard to develop, meaning that it‘s also been costly. and it‘s not as simple as a flag that says ‘display username‘ over ‘display character name‘ like the forum situation. this is something nearing completion, as he went on to point the end, this new feature may be blurring the lines in what an expansion and a patch is. scanscafepremium content is usually reserved for expansions like cataclysm, or delivered as something that doesn‘t have an impact on your gameplay this a sign that we may see smaller ‘packs‘ of content, labeled premium, outside of expansions? perhaps highly requested features such as mailing bind on account items across realms, player housing, or the fabled dance studio? while the duke nukem forever?of world of warcraft aclysm -critical-strike
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