Concerning the new economy and the innovation of human resource management
Abstract: in the new economic era of special background, the innovation to become the melody of management, human resources management and enterprise management innovation of the innovation to become the subject. Based on the connotation and characteristics of the new economy, the new economic five fingers shoes era for the enterprise and the type of personnel quality, proposes the new vibram shoes economic era in the human resources management innovation.
Keywords: human resources innovation of new economy

A new economy, connotation and characteristics

In the businessweek on December 30, 1996, a set of articles published in the 20th century, the American economy development since 1990s, and found the development trend of different industries, in information technology and network technology as the foundation of the new economy, then puts forward its U.S. started a new economic times. American new economy, what is already exist several years of two widely trends: the first kind is a global business, The second is the revolution in information technology.
Economists and scholars on the new economy and other theoretical analyses of the new economy, the implication vibram is broad and narrow the points. Broadly, the new economy is information economy, network economy, economy, the new economy, digital biological economy, risk economy etc. Special new economic refers to America in the 1990s after the technological progress and effect of globalization of a relatively new economic form knowledge-driven economy, and it is the essential difference between traditional economy in achieving low inflation five fingers and unemployment is low long-term coexistence of sustained economic growth.
The new economic meaning of comprehensive explanation, the author thinks that the new economy is vibram five fingers relative to the "economic" or "old economy", refers to the global resource allocation and market development, based on the information and network technology, driven by hi-tech industry, innovation as the core, the sustainable development of economy and the development of economy and society is a big adjustment.


Based work. On the other hand we should strengthen the organization and coordination vibram of the standardization work. In all kinds of activities related to logistics of the national standards and trade standards based on a thorough investigation, the standard, to comb already behind logistics development needs, and the standard should be eliminated by new standard, Part of the standard does not conform to the actual need to revise, The standard is lack of should seize the formulate, in order to make all sorts of relevant technical standards and coordinated with international standards.

Attention logistics personnel training and the scientific research work
Green logistics belongs to five fingers shoes new things, the government should vigorously support and guide the development of green logistics research work, on the one hand, to actively support basic theory vibram five fingers and technology of green logistics. On the other hand we should strengthen enterprises, institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions, the cooperation between the virtuous cycle of combination of production, strengthen applied logistics technology development and application.
In the logistics personnel training, multi-level and diversified education system is the guarantee of logistics industry logistics talent structure reasonable, improving the management level of the decisive factor of logistics. First, the government should encourage universities offer modern logistics professional courses, including and green logistics related environmental science, bachelor, master's or doctor's degree education, such as multi-level modern green logistics training senior management personnel and professional talents. Secondly is accelerating occupational qualification certification and the training. Because our country degree education has just started, talent training needs a process, the five fingers total scale to have certain restriction, only on cultivation of talents can't satisfy the needs of the present, it is necessary vibram shoes to accelerate the requirements in logistics professional training and certification work. Based on the training and certification on-the-job personnel, fundamentally upgrading our logistics personnel's overall quality and management level of domestic market, meet the demand of logistics talent. Third, optimize logistics education faculty, improve education quality of logistics. To enrich logistics faculty, introducing overseas talents, on the other hand to increase the logistics staff training, through the excellent teachers to study abroad, study abroad advanced theory and practice experience, Through the invited experts at home and abroad academic seminars and short-term training, expanding knowledge, improve teachers' professional teachers' level of logistics.


China's development of processing trade with labor-intensive industries from originally manufactured goods, which adapted to our workforce abundant, employment pressure. At present, Coach Bags labor-intensive products is still the Coach Shoulder Bags main part of the export processing trade, but compared with more than 10 years ago, the product specifications and quality has undergone a Coach Outlet fundamental change. Processing trade exports, capital and technology intensive products has been greatly improved, and the proportion of the utilization of foreign capital and reflects the processing trade for China's economic structure adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of the positive role. Especially with China's manufacturing, processing and raise the level of the whole export products, processing trade has increased from textile and light manufactured goods exported by mechanical transformed.
4, processing trade is an important content of the utilization of foreign capital
At present, the international economic trade area is one of Coach Purses the most important characters, trade and investment is becomes an organic whole repeatedly, inseparable. Should see, Chinese processing trade has not only is a trade, more important is its associated with the utilization of foreign capital in China, is an important link in production of internationalization and the component.
Reform and opening up, processing trade early in order to expand the policy of opening and use of foreign capital, proved this policy is correct, and have achieved remarkable results, according to statistics, engage in processing trade of foreign-invested enterprises has become the mainstay of Chinese processing Coach Wallets trade. In 1999, the foreign investment enterprises import and export processing trade for 45.39 billion and 526.73 billion, accounting for import and export processing trade of total 67.2% and 71.6%. In 1999, the processing trade import and export value of enterprises with foreign investment enterprises with foreign investment has the total Coach import and export in 1998, than endoscopic mucosectomy worth was 8.32% growth. In general, the foreign trade business of processing respectively the import and export processing trade, processing trade, 90% Coach Handbags of the development is made great achievements in the absorption of foreign capital, but also is the important content of foreign direct investment.
5, increasing employment, improving the quality of workers


Processing trade has driven the coordinated development of the national economy. Because Coach Handbags domestic raw material processing technology and the limit, the Coach Purses processing trade of Coach Outlet domestic first involves the processing and assembling business, technology is simple. Foreign-funded enterprises run by an additional investment products or product inserts workshops accessories and process PeiTaoChengLong. Improve the product localization and degree of self-produced proportion. With electrical appliances and office equipment for processing trade, for example, the parts have 70% to 80% of processing trade belong to domestic products.
In addition, foreign investment enterprises and high value-added export incoming products greatly, make its proportion of domestic auxiliary demand function also enhanced obviously. Enterprises with foreign investment has been more than import export processing and export and import difference has increased substantially. The balance of export processing directly reflects the increasing amount of export processing (including domestic demand of raw materials, components and raw materials, spare parts manufacturing production consumption) other than the expanded Coach Shoulder Bags rapidly. In 1990, processing enterprises with foreign investment amounted to June 27 (Reuters) - 4 million us dollars, to 1995 for 47.68 billion dollars, 1999 amounted to $188.78 is 30 times in 1990. According to preliminary calculation, Coach Wallets minus the material processing enterprise profit and enterprise, besides other raw materials, components, production Coach Bags consumption enterprises with foreign investment of the actual use of the processing of domestic Coach auxiliary materials, components, 1990: approximately 5.3 billion dollars, 1995, approximately 40 billion dollars in 1999, is 160.46 for $30 times in 1990.
3 and promote the domestic industrial structure adjustment and technological progress
Due to the high technology, especially the development of information technology, the rise of knowledge-based economy, the international industry shift accelerated upgrade with developed countries is a mature ZhongJianXing technology and some high technology transfer to developing countries. Our government situation, through improving the processing trade policy, and hold a large international industrial transfer of historic opportunity, accelerate the overall upgrade of industry and industry in the process of modernization.

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