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I will not say more money, but I know. At least I have a lot of experience. Get himself had been GZS, has now been handed over to someone else to take care of, and get WoW.
Let me say that those under the sale of technology. To tell the truth to say. Most of all liars. Said a lot of the Internet to see. Useless. Will actually make money, know how to make the studio. Who let the innocent for no reason than their competitors?
How we teach the next anti-cheat. What selling techniques. You ask him, ask him to open GZS did not open help, do not open shop. The hands of the small number 40J. On it.
I dare say. GZS real money do not pay the habbohotel coins necessary three points. 40J Trumpet must be 250 or more. Ask them, there is not, know not to use the 250 number to do a little. If they do not know, I feel they are really ignorant. What studio that day, I want to ask earned 100-200. A computer one day you earn 200 that is GZS it? GZS you to make money? Or to accompany the money? Hmm? There is no point card network operator charges a day wages and salaries of your day is enough to do 200? First, the computer memory to be high, but you may not be the minimum to 8G 4G.
I just want to say, sell technology, selling technology to a 9 and a half of 10 is a liar, and half do not understand anything. I made this habbohotel coins post is not what technology you want to sell. But who can not understand this that I will reply in this discussion. Many studios to make money I know. Those on the network to write out. Do not ask me to, that are used by. NetEase has been changed before you write.
Want to know new technologies. Whisper me.
Do not say I said so is not actually a good bit more. I said a few practical.
1. Why is training a small number of 250, you know? Proficient at using the story. First of all, not to help people over the plot. But many people do not know. Beans just like flowers, like the pawn shop to sell 3000. Is a small secret. (Limited to the low proportion of New Dream B)
2. New, week 5, the open area, the first day habbohotel coins of pride to the stove. First, not gambling. Teach you how to bet. I said will make the profits. Pressure not to teach you something, (this many people understand. I do not explain. Own a computer a person can earn a 40W dual open bar)
3. Why is that always T in the recent (CSJW) has a small team. All female roles, as the name of the same martial art. (This is only a number for New 50W10 hours can actually be faster.)
4. Turtle Point Volume popular in this dream, but then ah. (GZS) that was 4-5 years ago, guess you do not know, then we find that when GZS fundamental to the whole and consequently quit. To brush a small turtle. A computer once a day more than 1,000 RMB a day ah that is crazy. Was later sealed. Then changed and changed. Very sick people. It is not. However, each new area new area can be 2-3 days to go, habbo credits open area to open two days one day earn a 300-500 computer, right 5
5. Ah the car pool copy of it, is that many people do not know. (Who’s four-door has not. I remember a while ago, a week to brush 1500-2000RMB8 computer) is now to die,
6. Brush gem ah strengthen Shibao map. Many people know this. 10J experience but was changed to something you can not not brush. The mystery out of the small probability of more than you think is habbo credits not earned. But now many of GZS also are dry. 1 computer per day for at least four hours to the 700-800W it. District are the same old areas.
The banker complained sadly
Posted July 9, 2011 by celeste

A cobbler passed his time in singing from morning till night;it was wonderful to see,wonderful to hear him; he was more contented in shoes,than was any of the seven sages.his neighbor,on the contrary,who was rolling in wealth, sung but little and slept less. he was a banker; when by chance he fell into a doze at day-break, the cobbler awoke him with his song.

The banker complained sadly that providence had not made sleep a saleable commodity, like edibles or drinkables.having at length sent for the songster, he said to him,“how much a year do you earn,master gregory?” “how much a year,sir?”said the merry cobbler laughing,“i have reckon in that way, living as i do from one day to another grand fantasia gold;somehow i manage to reach the end of the year; each day brings its meal.” “well then!how much a day do you earn,my friend?” “sometimes more,sometimes less;but the worst of it is, -and,without that our earnings would be very tolerable,-a number of days occur in the year on which we are forbidden to work;and the curate, moreover grand fantasia gold, is constantly adding some new saint to the list.”
The banker,laughing at his simplicity, said,“in the future i shall place you above want.take this hundred crowns, preserve them carefully, and make use of them in time of need.” The cobbler fancied he beheld all the wealth which the earth had produced in the past century for the use of mankind.returning home,he buried his money and his happiness at the same time,no more singin;he lost his voice, the moment he acquired that which is the source of so much grief.sleep quitted his dwelling; and cares,suspicions,and grand fantasia gold false alarms took its place,all day, his eye wandered in the direction of his treasure; and at night, if some stray cat made a noise, the cat was robbing him. At length the poor man ran to the house of his rich neighbor; “give me back.” said he, “sleep and my voice,and take your hundred crowns.”
My friend John always has something to tell me. He knows so much that young men have to have older and more worldly wise men to tell them, for instance, who to trust, how to care for others, and how to live life to the fullest。
Recently, John lost his wife Janet. For eight years she fought against cancer, but in the end her sickness had the last word。
One day John took out a folded piece of paper from his wallet. He had found it, so he told me, when he tidied up some drawers at home. It was a small love letter Janet had written. The note could look like a school girl’s scrawls about her dream guy. All that was missing was a drawing of a heart with the names John and Janet written in it. But the small letter was written by a woman who had had seven children; a woman who fought for her life and who probably only had a few months left to live。
It was also a beautiful recipe for how to buy grand fantasia gold
keep a marriage together。
Janet’s description of her husband begins thus: “Loved me. Took care of me. Worried about me。”
Even though John always had a ready answer, he never joked about cancer apparently。
Sometimes he came home in the evening to find Janet in the middle of one of those depressions cancer patients so often get. In no time he got her into the car and drove her to her favorite restaurant。
He showed consideration for her, and she knew it. You cannot hide something for someone who knows better。
“Helped me when I was ill,” the next line reads. Perhaps Janet wrote this while the cancer was in one of the horrible and wonderful lulls2. Where everything is – almost – as it used to be, before the sickness broke out, and where it doesn’t hurt to hope that everything is over, maybe forever。
“Forgave me a lot。”
“Stood by my side。”
And a piece of good advice for everyone who looks on giving constructive criticism as a kind of sacred duty: “Always praising。”
“Made sure I had everything I needed,” she goes on to write。
After that she has turned over the paper and buy grand fantasia gold
added: “Warmth. Humor. Kindness. Thoughtfulness。”
And then she writes about the husband she has lived with and loved most of her life: “Always there for me when I needed you。”
The last words she wrote sum up all the others. I can see her for me when she adds thoughtfully: “Good friend。”
I stand beside John now, and cannot even pretend to know how it feels to lose someone who is as close to me as Janet was to him. I need to hear what he has to say much more than he needs to talk。
“John,” I ask. “How do you stick together with someone through 38 years – not to mention the sickness? How do I know if I can bear to stand by my wife’s side if she becomes sick one day?”
“You can,” he says quietly. “If you love her enough, you can。”

Epic Farming Weekend
Posted June 24, 2011 by celeste

We’ve heard your feedback from the last time we ran this event and have implemented many changes to help keep it fun for everyone and have a chance at great items while your at it!

From 9pm PDT 5/6 TO 9PM PDT 5/8 log on to Shaiya with your favorite high-level toon (in the class for which you’d like a weapon), port to shaiya gold or Valdemar Regnum, and grind. Survive the many spawns randomly placed on the map throughout the weekend. If you do, you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle for:

24 of the new weapons shaiya gold per server (4 per class, split 50/50 per faction)
300 pieces of Dreamy Gear per server (25 per class, split 50/50 per faction)

We’ll also be running the following bonuses all weekend:
+30% EXP Event Across All Servers
x2 Enchant Chances Across All Servers
+5% Linking Chances Across All Servers
Further details

We’ll be giving out weapons and armor on a 50/50 split per faction. Half will go to lights, half will go to fury.
Entering the map via a portal with a shaiya gold particular toon will get that character entered into the raffle. Once I’ve split the pools into light/dark and class, I’ll randomly generate the winners. Then I’ll look at that character’s playtime, grinding, and PvP activity. If the player simply ported into the map buy shaiya items
and sat there, or ran around for a bit and didn’t do much, they’ll be disqualified and I’ll re-roll for a new winner, on whom I’ll run the same checks.

Basically, if you enter Palaion Regnum or buy shaiya items
Valdemar Regnum during the weekend and gain exp, you’re eligible to win the raffle. We want to encourage players to have a good time grinding and PvPing, but I also don’t want to set arbitrary requirements--like 8 hours or 1000 mob kills--that might be difficult to meet.

Tera: The Roles for Each Class.(3)
Posted April 18, 2011 by celeste
We think encounters should be designed with the intent of flexible and inventive ways of dealing with mobs, without having to exploit bugs or such things like that. The reason being is that PvE with the holy trinity is very cut and dry, guy sits at mobs balls ready to gag while dps come from behind and the healer has the camera.
Maybe in epic large raids having lancers draw the attention of the boss while melee dps jump on its back, casters go nuts behind the wall of steel keeping everyone safe. The trinity has its place there, but it’s very common in MMO’s and we think Tera is really trying to break the mold with its combat system.Kiting or universal dodging is one thing, not every boss is a melee monster, how do you deal with caster bosses then. Get a debuff on you that drains your life, but allows you to attack, reflect the damage( Tera Gold) back at the boss which makes up the majority of the damage and the debuff hops from player to player. Then after 3 hits, the boss is disorientated and is open to tank and spank mechanics and then returns back to tennis mechanics or changes again where it begins to do sweeping strikes.This thread is about whether or not it is desirable to allow players to complete objectives without requiring a balance of damage in Tera, healing and tanking. We claim that it is not, and that skill, or lack thereof, has nothing to do with it. If you don’t need healers or tanks, you do not need them at all. Healers are not the fastest archetype to level, and neither are tanks. Lancers look downright boring to level, even for tanks. They’re slow-moving and they have ridiculously heavy-looking lances but no horses.If they are balanced around being either healing or absorbing damage, and you do not need that functionality to succeed, why would you bring them at all? Why would anyone bother leveling( Tera Gold) them? It’s counter-productive. If you only need damage, you bring classes that are damage dealers, not classes that do a little damage. There are always lots of damage dealers, because they’re the most fun to play.We want to see each class to actually have a purpose and feel needed in the party of Tera. Skill is important, but you do not want to see a group of Beserkers and one priest clearing everything. Just keep to the basics of MMOs where a certain class is needed Tera Gold.
Lancer just screams defender to us, necessary for the big bad boss fights. Lets say there is a skill the boss does, an AoE skill that does a nearly one-hit kill on everyone. Time to run right behind the Lancers and pray he’s holding the block button. That means they will not be doing big damage(Tera online Gold). Just enough to hold aggro.
Beserker are your ultimate back up tank. They are dishing out a good amount of damage with the dps, but more importantly, being on call to off tank any encounter for a bit. Switching Aggro between the Lancer and himself.Slayer the AoE Melee Tera online Gold. Not the best out there on single target damage, but when it comes to taking down grouped up enemies fast he should be one of the best if not the best.
When a target is broadcasted
Posted April 14, 2011 by celeste
Exploring EVE is something that can be done on a completely new character, even on a trial account. The starter ship or a cheap shuttle are all you need to start a tour of New Eden. If you tour EVE for long enough, you'll eventually stumble into the lawless nullsec regions or find yourself in a combat encounter, so it's best not to use an expensive ship. Players with access to covert ops frigates should definitely use them, as the ability to warp while cloaked provides a lot of survivability. Hit your cloaking device immediately after hitting the warp button to give enemies no time during which to lock your ship.

If you plan to visit nullsec, remember that warp disruption bubbles will put even a cloaked covert ops frigate at risk. If you've got ISK literally pouring out of your ears, a tech 3 strategic cruiser with the covert ops and interdiction nullifier subsystems provides the absolute best survivability for touring nullsec. Many of the combat sites and hidden military complexes in EVE have locked acceleration gates or keycard passes, access to which will require you to destroy some NPCs. If you're exploring using a trial account, ask the locals for help in accessing these areas. You'll often find players willing to help out, and you may learn things about the landmark from other players that you wouldn't if experiencing it first-hand.
When you first enter the character creator screen, you're confronted with a blank canvas of an avatar -- relatively featureless and bereft of hair or modest clothing. While it's tempting to start sorting through the pretty hair styles and the currently limited selection of clothing choices, these are finishing touches that are best left until later. Pay close attention to the shape of your character's face, remembering that in this first design stage you're seeing a very neutral expression. If you make an angry face or a squint at this stage, your character will always have it. All changes made to buy eve isk one side of the face are automatically propagated to the other, keeping the face neutral and symmetrical.

The key things you'll want to modify here are the nose, jaw line, cheekbones, the position of the eyes, and the position and size of the mouth. Rotate the character around frequently to see how it looks at different angles and under different lighting conditions. Looking at it in a side-on profile is also a handy way to buy eve isk whether the nose, chin and eyes look the way you want. When you're happy with the way the face looks, move across to the complexion menu on the right-hand side and try out some of the options. Adding some aging or scarring will give your character's skin some much-needed texture, making it look a bit more realistic and interesting. Leaving all of these options at eve online isk can produce an odd porcelain-doll effect that robs a character's face of a lot of personality.
Co-ordinating the actions of an entire fleet is not an easy task, but eve isk provides several tools to make things more manageable. The game's built-in voice chat provides fleets with a simple way to communicate that doesn't require participants to download a client. To coordinate fire and call for help, the broadcast pane in the fleet window is your most useful tool. Buttons on this pane allow pilots to signal to the fleet's logistics ships that they are in need of eve isk, shield, or capacitor. Fleet, wing or squad commanders can issue the order to target a particular Sansha ship by right clicking it and selecting the "Broadcast target" option.

When a target is broadcasted, members of the fleet will see a target icon over the selected ship on the main screen and overview. However, this is extremely buggy and often displays on the wrong target, which can lead to massive problems in a fleet. The solution to this is to ask all fleet members to open the broadcast window and ctrl-click on the target entries as they appear. This window will always display the correct broadcast, regardless of bugs that affect the overview.

An alternative strategy is to ask all fleet members to enable the "tags" column in their overview options. The fleet commander will then be able to tag individual enemies with a number or a letter to identify them uniquely and then call out which enemy to focus fire on over voice chat. In medium-sized Vanguard and Assault encounters, I've always found that tags work much better than broadcasts as they help players to easily identify and pre-lock the next target in the eve isk.
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