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Pretty much every time the development team at Paragon Studios answers gamer questions, there’s a question that comes up about updating older substence in City of Heroes. And usually the answer is a pretty standard one, a promise that updates will be looked at but aren’t on any sort of specific timetable. It’s a bit generic as answers go -- but the newest producer’s letter for the game goes into more detail about why substence gets updated, why it doesn’t necessarily get updated, and the fact that there will be updates to legacy substence in the future.

The usual rationale for fewer updates is the amount of work concerned in updating this CoV infamy, but the letter explains in more detail that it’s not enough for substence just to be old. In order to be ripe for a reworking, the task force or zone has to be underutilized to begin with, which gives a good factorfor development to try to revitalize the substence. City of Heroes gamers will be happy to note that the letter also promises revamps coming to the early leveling areas in the near future -- while it doesn’t specify the facts, more information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

Are you looking for more to do in City of Heroes’ endgame? The Issue 20 update gave gamers a lot of CoV infamy slots to unlock in the Incarnate System but only two Incarnate Trials in which to do so, which is a bit of a downside. The upcoming Issue 20: Incarnate Ascend update, however, will give gamers a chance at more valuable rewards, as well as new trial on Keyes Island to help unlock further enhancements for max-level characters.

Not enough? There are new vendors for Astral and Empyrean Merits, allowing gamers to unlock account-wide costume upgrades and special bonuses for lower-level characters. New Lore pets are obtainable for some of the game’s more CoV infamy enemy groups. Last but not least, the Team-Up Teleporter is getting some functionality upgrades to help make life better for the gamers participating in trials. City of Heroes gamers can enjoy the upgraded substence in the very near future, which should be a boon to the burgeoning endgame population.

The newest booster pack from City of Heroes arrives in the NCsoft store today, sending steampunk fans into a Victorian-style tizzy.

If you are one of those fans, we’ve got a little something to make both your toonand your wallet very happy: free Steampunk Packs! The packs include new auras and emotes, more than 60 City of Villains infamy, and Steam Jump travel tower -- essentially a Victorian-style jetpack.

With so many new toys, the options seem endless, so we’re going to ask you to get creative. We’ve got 15 of these packs to give away, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling us what sort of steampunk ensemble you’ll put together for your character. Will she or he make use City of Villains infamy of a few handy accessories or go full-on, head-to-toe steampunk? Will you roll a new toonto fit the look from the ground up or revamp a current one? Will your toon play in-toonwith his or her look or just enjoy the accessories?

Tell us your plans for this pack before noon EDT tomorrow, June 2nd, and we’ll draw 15 of the best ideas to win one of these packs. Make sure you check our contest rules and watch the video below for another look at what’s in the pack. Good luck!
The Alchemy Lab is now just empty
Posted July 26, 2011 by elsie
We just finished upgrading our Aura Stone in the Guild Base to Level V and LO AND BEHOLD, after the 24 hour upgrade had completed the Aura Stone is gone!

Yep, completely gone from the game. The Alchemy Lab is now just empty. I guess we upgraded it to a new plane of existence...

Well, while we’re discussing Guild Base upgrades, has anyone discovered anything new and useful? A couple of tidbits we’ve discovered:

1) The base starts to generate two points per level upgrade at Level 10 (might have been 11, can’t remember).
2) Upgrades to Tiger, Kirin, etc., start costing 2 Perfect World Gold to get to Level 3, and then 3 points to get to Level 5.

We’ve been upgrading the Aura Stone as the buffs seemed to at least have a short term benefit. We’re extremely dissappointed so far in the benefits from the Guild Base. It’s expensive upgrade and the gear we’ve seen so far is extremely over priced. At least the buffs can be used if you’re soloing and they last for an hour - though most don’t stack with other common Perfect World Gold.

With the stigma associated with the term RMT -- or "real money trading" -- companies such as Live Gamer and Ping0 have an uphill battle when selling their legitimized RMT services to many gamers. At GDC recently, Live Gamer’s Andrew Schneider and ping0’s Steve Goldstein tried to explain Perfect World Gold to a skeptical crowd why their forms of RMT trading are the future of gaming.

Though you hear a lot about WoW gold, all online games have a large secondary market for currency. These services are all operated outside of the publisher’s Perfect World Gold of service or EULA and are very inefficient, both for the player and the company.

The RMT industry is littered with account and credit card theft -- and when a customer’s account has been compromised, they don’t call the RMT traders: they call the game’s customer support line.

It’s an immense waste of resources for the game company and a huge hassle for the player involved. (Has your Perfect World Money account ever been stolen? If so, you know it can take weeks to get everything restored.)

There’s huge customer demand for RMT services. Current analyst estimates suggest that the secondary market for virtual goods is over $1.8 billion. Well-known RMT traders IGE reported nearly $1 billion in gross transactions in 2005.

So what’s the advantage of a legitimate Perfect World Money? You have developer consent -- so all purchases are legitimate, with no worries about being banned from the game or getting items confiscated.

Guild Wars is a great game
Posted July 22, 2011 by elsie
All people who don’t like the level cap idea, let me tell you something. Characters are only allowed to get to lv 20. But the monsters have no limit really, so that’s an element that makes the game harder. Higher monsters, more damage, more problems for the human players.

Yeah, the gameplay is extremely repetitive, but there are plenty of elite areas that offer a whole new side to the game.

PVP wise, there is no doubt. They have 5 areas of PVP each with different tactics and builds and strategy. The only repetition in that is you have to win a lot guild wars gold for prestigious titles. But you play different people all the time, and that is always something new

Guild Wars is a masterfully crafted gw ecto that is not everyone’s cup of tea. At it’s core is a very well made, fast paced, deep combat system. The ability to choose a primary and secondary class for your characters, in addition to ease of switching out your abilities and adjusting your point distribution makes the amount of character flexibility astounding. One could argue that in the end it all falls down to standard builds in the end, but this is true of any guild wars gold. In addition leveling up is very quick and attaining gear is not particularly hard, and so if you desire to try a different class combination then it is quick and fairly painless to do so. The thing to know about this game is that once you get into this game it essentially becomes all about PvP, and this is what will decide if GW is worth your time.

That said, there is a PvE/questing portion to the game, but it is in my mind, GW’s largest guild wars gold. To begin with, it has some very good aspects. All non-town areas are instanced and so you never have to worry about other people interfering with your play experience. Also while playing with a party is basically required, you are able to recruit the help of NPC bots if you prefer to play solo, or simply don’t have a full party. This however falls down in the end. The AI is not the greatest, though it has improved immensely since the game’s inception, and based on the games complexity the bot AI deserves much respec regardless. In the end though, this means that even with this feature you can only go so far on your guild wars ecto. By the middle-end of the storyline it becomes almost impossible to beat the story missions without a full party of player controlled characters, which can be very hard to find with the speed of leveling. (ie. everyone is busy PvPing at max level)

The storyline is pretty decent though fairly short and guild wars ecto. Its quite good for what it is, but once completed your only options are to do it again on another character, or PvP, which is largely fruitless without a guild, and so again you are forced into being social. The PvP itself is very well balanced and focuses very largely on skill and teamwork more than anything else, but is simply not my cup of tea.

In the end Guild Wars is a very good game, but in my opinion not worth it if gw gold is not your thing. If your curious the PvE mode alone may be worth your money, but keep in mind that while playing online is free, there are a whole lot of expansions to buy if you want the full experience.
Champions Online announced that
Posted July 19, 2011 by elsie

Following Senior Staff Writer Chris Tom’s editorial about Champions Online’s big change, Executive Producer Shannon "Poz" Posniewski reached out to talk a little bit more about this soon-to-be free-to-play MMO.

About a month ago, Champions Online announced that they would be making the shift to free-to-play. After the dust had settled and the details became clear, I felt that this really wasn’t Champions Online going "free-to-play," rather, it felt as though Cryptic just wanted to introduce an endless free trial to their game. In my editorial, the problem I pointed to was the fact that it seemed as though Silver players (as in all non-subscribers, regardless of how much they’ve spent on microtransactions) would never be able to play with the same freedom as subscribers, and this struck me as a little bit odd.

There are always, however, opinions to be found for every side. We decided to sit down with Champions Online Executive Producer Shannon "Poz" Posniewski to get the real details on the major decisions made with Champions Online Gold and why Cryptic feels that players should have nothing to fear when it comes to Archetypes and more. Read on!

ZAM: Hello there and thank you for taking the time to talk a little bit more about Champions Online going free-to-play!

Posniewski: Hi. It’s my pleasure.

ZAM: I recall an interview Jack Emmert (Cryptic’s COO) had with Eurogamer almost two weeks ago, where he said that the free-to-play aspect of an MMORPG is really a way of getting players to sample the game without needing to commit to any subscription fee, like an endless free trial. Would you say that this is the view that Cryptic is taking with Champions Online?

Posniewski: I’d say that’s one of several reasons why we decided to take Champions Online Gold free-to-play. We certainly like subscriptions, and we want players to keep subscribing. Subscriptions provide a predictable income, which makes running a game studio easier! When setting Champions up for free-to-play, we made sure that there were good reasons to subscribe.

On the other hand, the reality is that some people don’t like subscriptions or just want to dabble and would rather not commit to a full subscription. We want those people to be able to come in and have a great time too. We’ve reserved for subscribers some advanced features that continuing players will like. However, anyone can play Champions Online Gold, level up all the way and adventure in all the zones-for free.

ZAM: A huge decision made was recently to reintroduce lifetime subscriptions to Champions Online for $299. What was the catalyst for this kind of change? Was it player feedback, or were you planning to reintroduce lifetime subs well before you announced the F2P shift?

Posniewski: We knew we wanted to reintroduce lifetime subscriptions for a while, but we also knew that going free-to-play was a strong possibility. We didn’t want to put them on sale and a few months later announce free-to-play; we felt that would be unfair. Once we announced free-to-play, players kept asking for it so we brought it back.

ZAM: It’s been noted that PvP in Champions Gold will be split between the two tiers of Gold players and Silver players, with Gold PvP allowing free-form built champions to compete, while Silver PvP will only allow archetypes to play. Given that Silver level PvP will probably be a lot more active than Gold (since there will be tons of players who want to check out CO’s free-to-play option), are there any plans to let Gold players participate in Silver level PvP, outside of creating a brand new archetype character? Can a Gold player, for example, retcon (respec) his or her champion to an archetype to enjoy some PvP, and then retcon back to his free-form power build to do some PvE?

Posniewski: Though the exact details haven’t been decided yet, we do plan on letting players switch their free-form heroes to Archetypes and back again.

ZAM: With Champions Gold going free-to-play, does this mean that we’ll see more smaller adventure pack releases as opposed to large-scale expansion packs? Will we be seeing new powers in the next year or so?

Posniewski: We will definitely be doing more Adventure Packs. Players like them and they are fun to build! There will also definitely be new powers over the next year (beyond the powers that we’re adding for the free-to-play release). We also have plans for an expansion larger than an Adventure Pack, but it’s too early to talk about at this point. (Its size will likely be driven by how successful the free-to-play update is.)

Korea based Webzen has completed the preliminary planning of MU2, and is now officially entering its actual development stage. This new MMORPG, which adopts Unreal Engine 3, is being developed priston tale on a stable development platform and is scheduled to be released at the end of 2010.

Heva Online

New titile Heva Online, developed by play-Buster and published by casual MMOs expert Windy-soft, announced official release on June 9th. Get Amped and Infinity are both the products published by Windy-soft in Korea. Heva Online cost Priston Tale Goldtwo years to develop and kept secretly during development stage.

Seven Core

Noria, a newly emerging game company founded by developers who previously took part in the development of Webzen’s MU2 and Kingdom of Warriors, is currently working on a new title Seven Core. According to Noria, Seven Core will adopt Riding Action which allows players to fight on land, at sea and in the air.

KTH’s five new games

On June 10, Allstar, the game portal of Korean game developer KTH, held a press conference titled "KTH Allstar All You Imagine 2009" to unveil its 5 new games.

These five new games are FPS Anther Day, MMORPG Karos Online, action strategy game Priston Tale Gold, casual baseball game Wind Up and Red Cliff, an MMORPG imported from China

Gamers can now step into the delightfully despotic shoes of the new Overlord and take full control of a horde of vicious, malicious but ultimately lovable Minions, as Code-masters today announced that the Overlord II playable demo is now available on the Priston Tale Gold Store for the PLAYSTATION3 computer entertainment system and PC; the PC demo is now available to download.

Then it’s time to put the Minions to work, harvesting valuable life-force from the indigenous fauna. Minions will happily lock onto anything in the vicinity - including fluffy seal pups (‘Well,’ argue the Minions, ‘the smelly furballs are eating all the lovely fishies’Wink.

There are also Nordburgian Hunters and hippy, peace-loving elves to contend with but, as ever, the Minions aren’t fussy who they attack for their master.

In the Overlord II demo, players step into the big spiky boots of a new Overlord whose sights are firmly set on becoming the Priston Tale Money
, the bringer of evil and the master of Minions.

As the demo opens the Overlord, aided and abetted by a team of brown fighter Minions, emerges from his underground lair into the ice caves only to discover a Yeti frozen in a block of ice.

The Minions can, in their inimitably violent way, ‘defrost’ him and then give online gold and chase as he knuckles out into the snowy wastes of the Priston Tale Money
, near the town of Nordberg.

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