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We may sure we are in the right place in game(Runes of Magic gold). So far this map we got from this beggar has been useful in avoiding all these Runes of Magic gold Naga. Two adventurers: one in heavy plate armour with shoulders broad as a bull's back, the other small, agile and wearing black leather kept on wandering deeper and deeper into the cave under Aotulia Volcano, right in the heart of the Naga's home.
Slow and careful to avoid possible dangers, they walked through a maze of seemingly never-ending corridors glowing in a fiery blaze. At the end of their long journey they reached a chamber so gigantic that their torches were not nearly bright enough to illuminate half of it. All they saw were just some Runes of Magic gold coins strewn around directly before them. You can buy ROM gold for your charcter.
Their long and loud agonising screams echoing through the cave were the last thing anyone ever heard from them. Of the five ancient dragon races, the Flame Dragons are the strongest and most powerful species. To brave them is an almost impossible task. Yet Taborean heroes have to dare to face up to the challenge, for the Naga have captured Gestero, a renegade Flame Runes of Magic gold Dragon, possessed by demons. They want to use him to help them suppress the free peoples.
Whoever wants to stand in this fire-spewing monster's Runes of Magic gold way must penetrate deep into the fire of the Aotulia Volcano in the territory of the same name. On the way down into the crater, raid parties will find wave after wave of heavily armed elite Naga barring their way. The snake-like dungeon masters guard over the magical dragon seal.
If players succeed in breaking this, Gestero will appear and shower them with fire. But take care, the Naga will not surrender and will send one of their generals into Runes of Magic gold 'Lair of the Demon Dragon' to step in to a nip a possible defeat of their prisoner in the bud. Only the bravest of Taborea's heroes will choose this encounter for themselves.

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