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VHSor DVD 60-120 Minutes
Volume # 97.8
Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith Beef Donna Summer
Madonna Diahann Carroll Grace Jones

Film Premiere - Evita arrivals and interviews
Young & Modern Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful Men in the World
Beef:bodies and effects!
Leadership: Interview with the producers of The Celluloid Closet
The Inform Awards - with Diahann Carroll, Nell Carter,

Kathy Ireland, Morgan Fairchild, James Cromwell, Greg Louganis
, Ed Begley, Jr.,Nolan Miller, others
"Whenever There is Love" Music video with Donna Summer from the Stallone thriller Daylight

VHS $ 9.99

Volume # 97.7

Armani Store Fashion Show - benefiting APLA
Dance-a-Thon at Universal Studios
Second Annual Porno All Star softball Game
Joe Dallesandro Book -magazine signing
Fire & Ice (Phoenix, AZ) - highlights from the Southwest circuit party

with footage from the Ice Factory, and poolside

DVD $ 9.99

Volume # 97.6

Splash!: Hot men cool off in this annual event in Austin, Texas
GLAAD Media Awards:
Boy George, Paul Reiser, Dan Butler, David Schwimmer, others
Gender Bender Xmas Party at the House of Blues:
Candy Cane, Pussy Tourette and many other female impersonators
Folsom Street Fair:
Highlights from the annual leather event, not for the squeamish!!

DVD $ 9.99

Volume # 97.5

Les Ballet Trocadero: World famous all male ballet troupe with dressing
room interviews prior to show and highlights of Swan Lake
HotLanta River Expo: Hot men from around the world at this HOT CIRCUIT PARTY,

including Mr. Hotlanta and other contestants, party & river highlights
Wonders Of The World: Lonnie Gordon, Crystal Waters -
Live performances. REEL GAY Exclusive)
Pride LA 96: Highlights one of the World's largest Gay Pride Celebrations

DVD $ 9.99

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